Welcome to Bike Nerd

This is my part in the biking community. I started rediscovering my bike I had with me for a few years, last year, and since then, it surprises me every time I ride it. Lets’ go on a journey together (pun intended) and learn more about how to take care, and love our bikes on the way.



Traffic Rules : Part 2

This is the second part in last week’s Traffic Rules post that I originally did not intent to write. But seeing more about ‘cyclists’ and how they conduct themselves on the roads, that prompted me to make it.

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Drivetrain Maintenance – Part 2

Here’s the second (and final) part of the drivetrain maintenance series. I successfully managed to fix the problems I was facing that I talk about in the previous post.

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Is it worth finding the right saddle height?

I was recently reading about what is the correct saddle height for a rider and also about the benefits it can have. But, it was not until I actually tried to apply it on my bike that I really understood how important it is.

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I joined a biking group (and why I didn’t post for so long)

Hey guys, I missed you so much, and biking for that matter for the past few weeks. I know I haven’t exactly been punctual with my posts recently, but I am gonna try my best to do that now. And, I have a ton of things to share with you guys, so stick around!

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STRAVA : A great app I never knew existed.

Going through a local biking club’s Facebook page last week, I came across people posting their trip stats from something called “STRAVA”. The sheer number of those posts lead me to search for it and it has turned out to be a great tool in tracking trips I make on my bike.

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