Traffic Rules for bikes

Today on The Bike Nerd, we talk about traffic rules for bikes. Yep they exist. Read on…

I live in a modern and flashy city, that was the capital city of the country under the British rule till 1911 – Kolkata. We have a lot of things that the English left us. Obeying traffic rules, was not one of them.

There are shops on the footpaths, people walk on the roads leaving less room for vehicles, slowing down the traffic.

Cyclists, motorists and heavy vehicle drivers all have one thing in common. They all believe that the rules of the road are only supposed to be followed when it is convenient for themselves. Red light? Never mind, there are just a few people crossing the road (not on the zebra crossing). Slow moving car? Lemme just overtake this guy from the left without honking (traffic here is left-handed). Oh a bloody cyclist? Let’s run over him for fun…you get the general idea.

These people are the same people who cycle too. I’m gonna go ahead and say this, there are many people who do actually care about all this but the ratio of the number of people who care v. those who don’t is very small. This post has the primary function of increasing that awareness so we spend less time commuting and more time doing something great for the world.

Cyclists on the road in general, in many parts of the world, need to be considered as a part of traffic and not some people to look down upon. They made a choice to travel by bike and save the world in their own way so they should be appreciated rather than almost being bullied. Especially in countries like India where many people don’t have that choice and have to commute daily by bikes. A bit of pressure form the government for the cause can help too.

The basic rules that apply to motorbikes apply to us too.

  • Wear a helmet
  • Obey the traffic lights
  • Keep to the left (right if you have right-handed traffic in your country)
  • Be visible on the streets
  • Adhere to traffic signs (more on this later)
  • Don’t make abrupt moves in traffic, warn other members before-hand
  • Please be alert and use some common sense

These are just basic rules that I’m sure all countries observe. The degree of importance given of course varies. A very basic sense of responsibility and discipline can make a world of difference.

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Author: ayushtanna

I'm a budding filmmaker with a love for 3D designing and an old affair with computer programming.

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